Agor Oud (vietnam) – Sugondi Ator

আগর উদ – Agar Oud

About 400 types of agarwood are found in the world. Each agarwood has its own smell. Similarly, Vietnamese agarwood has its own characteristics.

Agar is the name of a tree. Agar tree is one of the most expensive trees in the world. It is a tree whose wood is used to make agar atar. Like the price of agar tree, agar atar is also valued. Agar tree is cultivated in many countries of the world. The varieties of agar vary from country to country. Vietnam agarwood is one of them.
Many agarwood experts say that there are about 400 types of agarwood in the world. Each agarwood has its own smell.

1. You will get sweet, salty Udi smell in this agarwood.
2. Fruity, light citrusy notes.
3. Very slight leathery notes.
4. No Enemylic Notes.

Agar ud is a bit hard type. But our collected agarwood (Vietnam) is not hard. So it does not catch the nose. That’s why everyone likes Vietnam agarwood.
We have this wonderful agarwood ,


Note: As a Sunnah, the goods sold are taken back if one does not like them. Insha’Allah.

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