Baccarat Ator | বাকারাত আতর

বাকারাত আতর - Baccarat Ator

Grade A


Top notes include jasmine and a touch of premium saffron
Amberwood and ambergris in the middle notes
And Cedarwood gets the finishing notes.

It will give you a floral, powdery vibe
And, you will get wonderful fragrances that will put everyone on top of the wish list. all kinds
Highly recommended for people use, as well as for various occasions.

This is the world famous fragrance oil version
Br540(Baccarat Rouge 540)
Its smell is very delicate.
It is the top priority of luxury perfume collectors.
But this perfume is very expensive.
So, we bring you this famous fragrance Grade A Clone Oil.

How can the smell be described?
Well, in a word, it’s a flavor bomb.

And, nice perfume like smell overall
Highly recommended for corporate use, as well as various festival uses.
It is sweet but slightly spicy
And not overpowering at all, yet very long lasting.
It goes well with everyone and everything.
And, loved and admired by all.
There are many oil versions of Baccarat available in the market
But, we can say with confidence
our best
and post premium.
Because it is collected from the best sources
Take a sip of this famous fragrance.


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